Centrum voor Holistische Geneeskunst

The centre for holistic art of medicure offers treatment for people with chronic diseases, who did not respond sufficiently to conventional therapies and patients who feel more attracted to a natural way of treatment. We are always focused on activating or resetting the immune system.

We use conventional as well as complementary (CAM) therapies, but treatments are always based on the official medical diagnosis. The patients who are suitable for treatment are sufferers of chronic, invalidating diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases, allergy, chronic inflammation, and chronic forms of infectious diseases like Lyme disease and Q-fever. The holistic treatments are mainly based on naturopathy and terrain medicine.

Naturopathy is a treatment for the awakening of the inner defense force (vis medicatrix naturae). Terrain medicine considers the terrain i.e. the body fluids as the cause of disease. It is the task of the doctor to restore the balance in the terrain of the body. Holistic medicine is medicine for the whole individual. It means that every treatment includes not only the body but also the psychological, mental, energetical, relational and ecological aspects. We especially treat chronic diseases that have developed after bacterial or viral infection (Pfeiffer, Lyme disease, Q-fever, chlamydia, whooping cough, herpes, mycoplasm etc) with autovaccine therapy (see: www.artofmedicure.eu )


Bertil de Klyn, MD, Member of
AVIG and KNMG . BIG registration nr: 99022085801